Thomas Blein

My name is Thomas Blein. I am a researcher in Institute of Plant Science Paris Saclay (IPS2). I am a plant molecular biologist and use various approaches such as classical molecular biology approches, light imaging and genomic.

Since the beginning of his research experience, I have been interested in the growth of plant organs. I start by a Ph.D. in the group of Patrick Laufs in Cell Biology Laboratory of INRA Versailles (France). There I studied how the modulation of local growth lead to the acquisition of organ shape, e.g. in the dissection of Eudicots leaves. Second I moved for a post-doc in the group of Klaus Palme in the Botanic department of Albert-Ludwigs-Universit├Ąt Freiburg (Germany). I analysed the quantitative regulation of root growth and its impact on growth speed and many other cellular parameters.

As a molecular biologist, I am also interested on the regulation of genes that control growth using multi-scale approaches that span from cell to organ scales. Therefore I have large skills in confocal microscopy and cell biology that allowed me to record the cellular structure of plant organs using image analysis. This allowed me to define a basic analysis pipeline through interaction with computer scientists to extract quantitative information of the cellular structure in roots. My double competence in informatics and imaging allows me to bridge knowledge between colleagues with different backgrounds.

Since I joined the group of Martin Crespi in the Institute of Plant Science Paris Saclay (IPS2) I improved my skills with bioinformatics. More precisely I am able to analyse RNASeq data to identify and analyse the level of expression of known genes but also new transcripts such as long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs).

Combining these various approaches I am interesting in the quantitative control of root growth by lncRNAs. See Research

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