Light dynamically regulates growth rate and cellular organisation of the Arabidopsis root meristem



Large-scale methods and robust algorithms are needed for a quantitative analysis of cells status/geometry in situ. It allows the understanding the cellular mechanisms that direct organ growth in response to internal and environmental cues. Using advanced whole-stack imaging in combination with pattern analysis, we have developed a new approach to investigate root zonation under different dark/light conditions. This method is based on the determination of 3 different parameters: cell length, cell volume and cell proliferation on the cell-layer level. This method allowed to build a precise quantitative 3D cell atlas of the Arabidopsis root tip. Using this approach we showed that the meristematic (proliferation) zone length differs between cell layers. Considering only the rapid increase of cortex cell length to determine the meristematic zone overestimates of the proliferation zone for epidermis/cortex and underestimates it for pericycle. The use of cell volume instead of cell length to define the meristematic zone correlates better with cell proliferation zone.